Terms & Conditions

Website and its Principal Objective: The website known as clubsoccerinsider.com has been meticulously designed and curated to serve as a comprehensive platform for parents and guardians. Its primary mission is to provide in-depth insights about youth soccer, thereby enabling parents to make informed and astute decisions concerning the selection of soccer gear and the choice of an appropriate academy or club for their children.

Agreement of Use: All individuals accessing, browsing, or using clubsoccerinsider.com, whether directly or indirectly, are hereby entering into a binding agreement. This agreement mandates full compliance with the terms and stipulations set forth in this document.

Usage Restrictions: Access to this website is specifically granted to individuals aged 18 years and above. It is imperative for users to ensure they adhere to all regional or national restrictions and ascertain their eligibility based on their respective jurisdictions.


Affiliate Marketing: This refers to the strategic and performance-driven approach wherein clubsoccerinsider.com establishes partnerships with various e-commerce entities and consequently earns a commission or remuneration for promoting certain products or services via embedded links.

Third-Party: These are external entities, organizations, or websites which do not fall under the ownership or operational jurisdiction of clubsoccerinsider.com.

User-Generated Content: Any form of content, be it in the form of text, graphics, reviews, testimonials, images, or any other form, created, and uploaded by the users or visitors of clubsoccerinsider.com.

User’s Responsibilities

Adherence to Lawful Practices: Users are obligated to interact with and use the website while staying strictly within the confines of the law, ensuring that they maintain utmost respect for all applicable regulations, norms, and rights.

Periodic Review of Terms: It is the inherent responsibility of the users to periodically and diligently review the Terms & Conditions for any modifications, additions, or deletions.

Consequences of Non-compliance: Any actions that contravene or violate the established terms will attract suitable punitive measures, including, but not limited to, restricted access, temporary suspension, or permanent termination of access privileges.

Privacy Policy Summary

Scope of Data Collection: For analytical purposes and to enhance user experience, we employ tools such as Google Analytics. Additionally, for our newsletter subscription, we collect personal data like names and email addresses.

Data Management Protocol: The data procured is meticulously processed to tailor a more personalized and enriched user experience. Utmost care is taken in storing this data, ensuring stringent security measures.

Data Sharing Stance: We are committed to the utmost confidentiality. Data pertaining to our users, especially from the newsletter subscription, will never be shared, traded, or sold to third parties.

Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliation Partnerships: Our collaborations span multiple reputed platforms, including but not limited to, Amazon.com, Cj.com, Share-a-Sale, Impact.com, Partnerize, and a select number of partners who host their affiliate programs.

Affiliate Link Integration: The affiliate links have been seamlessly integrated into the website’s content, either contextually within the body of articles or meticulously structured into comparison tables.

Compensation Neutrality Assurance: We staunchly believe in maintaining the sanctity and credibility of our content. Any compensation arising from these affiliations does not, in any manner, influence or dictate our content’s authenticity or objectivity.

Intellectual Property Rights

Content Ownership and Rights: All content, barring the ones generated by users, found on clubsoccerinsider.com, is the unequivocal property of the website and its creators.

Prohibition on Unauthorized Usage: Any unauthorized replication, redistribution, display, or adaptation of content from the website is strictly forbidden and may attract legal consequences.

Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

Assurance of Content Authenticity: All content available on the platform is furnished “as is”, with no warranties, either explicit or implied. The platform makes no claims regarding the completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the content.

Limitation of Liabilities: Under no circumstances shall clubsoccerinsider.com be held accountable or liable for any inaccuracies, misrepresentations, or any form of damages stemming from the consumption or use of its content.

User-generated Content

Posting Guidelines: Users are encouraged to be judicious and responsible while posting content, ensuring that they do not impinge upon the rights or sensibilities of others.

Platform Rights Over Content: While users retain primary rights over their generated content, clubsoccerinsider.com reserves the right to oversee, moderate, modify, or expunge any content as deemed necessary.

Liabilities and Content Claims: Users shall bear the brunt and be solely accountable for any repercussions, claims, or legal actions arising from their posted content.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Legal Jurisdiction: clubsoccerinsider.com operates from the state of Texas and is consequently subject to its laws and statutes.

Legal Arbitration and Disputes: Any contentions or disputes which arise in relation to the website or its Terms and Conditions shall be adjudicated in accordance with the prevailing laws of the state of Texas.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Dynamic Nature of Terms: The Terms and Conditions outlined herein are not static and may undergo modifications, enhancements, or revisions at any point in time.

User’s Onus of Updates: It is the users’ prerogative and responsibility to keep abreast of any alterations to the terms, and their continued engagement with the website signifies their acceptance and agreement to any such changes.

Contact Information and Violation Reporting

Queries, Doubts, and Violation Reports: Should users have any concerns, doubts, or wish to report perceived violations regarding the Terms and Conditions, they are encouraged to navigate to our Contact Us page and seek redressal.