Review Guidelines

Here is a quick snapshot of the principles and ethics behind our product reviews.

Hello there, soccer parents and enthusiasts! I want you to know right off the bat why these guidelines matter. When you’re out there, looking for answers, we strive to be that beacon of clarity in the sometimes foggy world of youth soccer. We want to be that trusted friend you turn to.

What I Bring to the Table


Now, here’s the thing: I often dive deep into real customer reviews. Why? Because I want the complete story, not just my chapter. Though I have a treasure trove of experience, I know that the story isn’t just about me. I’ll give you the full scoop, but I won’t push you into believing you need every latest gadget or gear.

Brand Affection

We all have our go-tos, right? Brands that just never seem to let us down. I’ll be upfront about my personal favorites, but trust me, it’s all because of their track record, not their paycheck.

Quality & Safety

I’ve been around the block and let me tell you, nothing irks me more than gear that just doesn’t hold up or, worse, puts our young stars at risk. Every penny you invest should bring value, not regrets.

Pricing & Standpoint

Sometimes, you’re paying for the tag, not the quality. I’m all about getting the real deal without that hefty price tag. The best bang for your buck, if you will.


I’m not here to tease. If it’s a hot item but as rare as a unicorn, I won’t leave you hanging. What’s more, I’m keeping tabs on what’s accessible right now, stateside. The global hunt isn’t my game.

What I Stand Clear Of


Now, nothing on board right now, but should that change, you’ll spot it from a mile away. Clear as day. Transparency is the name of the game.

Ignoring The Word on The Street

Hear of a brand hiccup or gear glitch? So have I. And I won’t just sweep it under the rug, hoping you’ll bite anyway.

Every bit of this molds my reviews, and I promise, it’s all to help guide you better on this soccer journey.