Guides to Soccer Basics

Soccer is easy, right!?! You kick the ball and it goes in the net! Simple… or is it?

To help keep things somewhat structured, I’ve broken Soccer Basics into several categories. Some of these categories overlap or may only briefly touch on a subject.. if that’s the case and it the coverage is brief, you will also find a link that dives deeper into that topic. I do this for a few reasons. First and foremost, I believe brief and to the point is the most effective method. If a topic needs more depth, then I will break those into individual articles to save you time.

Soccer Rules

Big category here… this one will have MANY related articles as it covers a lot of ground. From field sizes to the ever-confusing offsides rule.

Soccer Terms

Soccer Terminology can be simple… it usually means exactly what it says. But there is plenty of slang and initials that just DON’T make sense. Here is my list of all the Soccer Terms you need to know.

Soccer Positions

I’ll be honest… I thought I knew my positions and then I heard people using terms that were new to me. Only to find out they were old terms for the positions 🤦‍♂️ Here I go over each position on the field in both new, and old, terminology.

Soccer Formations

4-4-2, 5-3-2, 4-1-2-1-2… this isn’t the code to your kids school locker but it is a code. In short its the amount of players on a certain line on the field and it tells them how they will play that position. I’ve broken down the common Soccer Formations, how to read them and what it means to your player.

Soccer Gear

What type of gear does your kiddo need? Here we talk about types of gear and how to select the right gear. If you are looking for the Best Gear for your soccer all-star then jump ahead to our Best Of page.

Youth Club Soccer

So how many Youth Soccer Levels are there? What do they mean and which one is right for your soccer player? This is your guide that will show you the journey from toddler recreational soccer to professional soccer.