Best Insoles For Soccer Cleats

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Introduction to the World of Soccer Insoles 

Look down at your own shoes. We hardly think about it, but underneath our feet lie an overlooked component of any footwear: the humble insole. Now, imagine your child, running and maneuvering on the soccer field, their feet driving their gameplay energies. Ever wondered, what lies beneath their soccer cleats, supporting their swift movements? Would any insole suffice for a budding soccer star? The answer is a resounding, “No”.

Introducing the “Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats,” a game-changing element that adds a new dimension to your child’s soccer prowess. 

Soccer is a physically demanding sport. The amount of running, stopping, and quick direction changes put a lot of pressure on a player’s feet. This stress is further emphasized when playing on hard surfaces. Therefore, wearing regular cleats during an intense game can be hard on your child’s feet. That’s where specialty insoles come in. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll highlight the best insoles that provide maximum support, comfort, and can enhance on-field performance. We have compiled a list of top insoles that aren’t just perfect fits for soccer cleats but are also applauded by soccer parents and professionals alike. From Superfeet Insoles to the standout Move Game Day Pro Insoles, we’ve got you covered. 

Join us as we delve into this critical yet commonly overlooked aspect of your young soccer player’s gear, and together, let’s ensure we give their talent the support it deserves… quite literally!

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into “the best insoles for soccer cleats.”

The Importance of Good Insoles for Soccer Players

Have you ever noticed how your child’s soccer practice and matches mirror a high-intensity workout? The continuous running, sudden turns, strategic maneuvers, and the aggressive control of the ball place a significant amount of pressure on your little athlete’s feet. And that’s exactly why a good soccer cleat insole can be a game-changer!

Understanding Foot Support

Think of a good insole like a strong, reliable teammate – always there to back up your kid’s swift moves! A soccer player’s foot encounters varying surfaces and pressures. Good insoles provide extra support by contouring to the foot’s shape, absorbing the shock from each step, and evenly distributing weight. Plus, they can prevent a whole host of foot problems, including flat feet and plantar fasciitis. 

Enhancing Performance with the Best Soccer Insoles

Soccer is as much about skill as it is about stamina. With the right insole providing comfort and reducing foot fatigue, your future soccer star can focus on learning and perfecting their techniques rather than nursing aching feet. The best soccer insoles are designed to maximize energy return, enhancing explosiveness, speed, and overall endurance on the field while helping to minimize common sports injuries to the lower extremities.

Top Picks for the Best Soccer Cleat Insoles

Currex Cleatpro Insoles 

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01/22/2024 03:50 am GMT

When it comes to insoles specifically designed for field sports shoes, for soccer, football, or any other spike-related sports, the CURREX CLEATPRO Insoles have become a popular choice. Tailored to reduce fatigue and pressure while enhancing explosive propulsion, these insoles put performance at the forefront.

  • Anatomic support and shock absorbing cushioning aid in pressure reduction and injury prevention
  • PROPO+ forefoot cushioning for rapid acceleration and precise turns
  • NEO Touch SuperGrip anti-slip surface for excellent ball control
  • Decoupled heel cup for a secure fit providing better heel support and stability
  • Available in different profiles to cater to individual foot needs
  • Moisture-wicking and odor-absorbing premium foam for dry feet and fresh cleats
  • May feel different initially due to the distinct design compared to regular insoles

Superfeet Carbon Insoles

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01/22/2024 06:55 pm GMT

If your child is into serious soccer playing and needs an insole that can keep up, the Superfeet Carbon Thin and Strong Insoles are a top contender. They are designed for those who live in their athletic shoes, perfect for youth athletes whose feet are still developing and who require reliable support on the soccer field.

  • High-density lightweight foam for substantial durability and support
  • Low-profile designs guarantee comfort without compromising shoe space 
  • Breathability due to perforated foam
  • Accommodates wider forefoot, making it a perfect fit for soccer shoes
  • Odor control coating for freshness
  • Ultra-thin design
  • The shape might take some getting used to initially.

Move Game Day Pro Insoles

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01/22/2024 03:45 am GMT

Are you looking for professional-grade performance? Game Day Pro Insoles are designed for ultimate performance, built adaptable to your shoe, your foot, and your playing style. They provide a firm yet adaptive foundation for energetic soccer matches and training sessions.

  • Built from a carbon-like composite for strong, adaptive movements
  • Dual foam system for energy return and impact absorption
  • Patented shape provides custom-like benefits for the majority of wearers
  • Comes with odor control to keep the feet fresh
  • A higher-priced option

Physix Gear Sport Full-Length Orthotic Inserts – Best for Flat Feet

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01/22/2024 01:40 am GMT

These inserts are ideal for sport enthusiasts who need that extra arch support. Whether your child suffers from flat feet or faces other foot-related discomforts, the Physix Gear Sport Insoles are designed to provide substantial relief and enhance foot structure.

  • Provides optimum relief and comfort with notable arch support
  • Ideal for recovering foot injuries like runner’s knee, Achilles tendonitis, and shin splints
  • Made from high-quality, medical-grade dual-layered EVA foam and PU material for endurance and comfort
  • Helps to construct better walking patterns and alleviate heel pain
  • May feel a bit stiff in the beginning
  • Some users have reported squeaky sounds when walking

Sof Sole Men’s Air Insole

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01/22/2024 01:50 am GMT

For those looking for an insole that could withstand the challenging and strenuous demands of high impact sports, the Sof Sole Men’s Air Insole is a top pick. Especially in soccer, where quick twists, turns, and sudden sprints are common, having an insole that provides effective impact absorption is a boon.

  • Full-length gel shoe insert ideal for performance enhancement
  • Incorporates Skydex air bubbles in the heel and arch for effective impact absorption 
  • Coolmax fabric keeps feet dry and cool
  • It may not fit all shoe sizes without trimming

Superfeet Green Professional Grade High Arch Orthotic Shoe Inserts – Best for High Arches

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01/22/2024 02:05 am GMT

Soccer players with high arches have unique foot support requirements. The Superfeet Green Professional Grade High Arch Orthotic Shoe Inserts are designed precisely for that! For kids that spend long time on the field, these can provide enduring comfort.

  • Offers excellent high arch support 
  • High-density foam ensures maximum support
  • Wide and deep heel cup boosts balance and control
  • Takes up a bit more space inside the shoe, might need some time getting used to

Dr. Scholl’s Active Sport Insoles – Best Budget Soccer Insoles

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01/22/2024 02:15 am GMT

When it’s about multipurpose insoles capable of reducing muscle fatigue and protecting high-impact areas, Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insoles come into the spotlight. They are designed to offer resilient cushioning while providing stability and motion control, making them ideal for energetic soccer games.

  • Designed to absorb shock and reduce muscle fatigue
  • Offers responsive cushioning with massaging gel
  • Provides excellent motion control and lateral stability
  • It might not be suitable for shoes with narrow-toe boxes

Superfeet FlexThin Comfort Insoles

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01/22/2024 03:00 am GMT

Are you seeking a reliable insole that can take a beating while still providing the comfort and support your child needs on the soccer field? Look no further than Superfeet’s Flex-Thin Comfort Insoles. 

  • Insoles are durable and designed to withstand up to 500 miles
  • Infused with Aerospring comfort foam for a cushiony feel
  • Offers odor control through Moisture wick technology
  • Dynamic shape provides excellent support for the foot
  • It may require a break-in period to feel comfortable

Sof sole Insoles Men’s High Arch Insert

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01/22/2024 03:05 am GMT

Those with high arches often require specialized support, and the Sof sole Insoles Men’s High Arch Insert is designed just for that. 

  • Specific design for high-arched individuals
  • Maximum comfort due to targeted gel drops and deep heel cups
  • Hydrologix infusion helps keep feet dry and cool
  • Embedded with Microbin to inhibit odor-causing bacterial growth
  • Might feel firm initially and require some time to get used to

WALK HERO Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles

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01/22/2024 03:10 am GMT

If your young athlete is dealing with foot discomforts like plantar fasciitis or simply requires added foot and leg alignment, the WALK HERO Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles could be an excellent option. 

  • Offers support for the arch and provides relief from various types of foot discomfort
  • Maintains foot and leg alignment, easing stress and pain from flat feet
  • Deep heel cup protects the heel from impact
  • Some may find them too rigid to start with 

Sof Sole Men’s Air Orthotic Support Insole

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01/22/2024 03:20 am GMT

When a soccer player requires insoles that tackle demands of high-impact sports, provide optimal support, and manage moisture effectively, the Sof Sole Men’s Air Orthotic Support Insole comes up to the mark.

  • Skydex air bubbles in the heel and arch absorb impact efficiently
  • COOLMAX fabric top cover wicks away moisture, keeping feet cool and dry
  • It could be a tad firm for some users at the start

PowerStep Full-Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

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01/22/2024 03:25 am GMT

The PowerStep Full-Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles are made for those who want the magic combination of plush comfort, supportive feel, and easy-fitting convenience in their soccer cleats.

  • Variable cushioning technology provides targeted support
  • Dual-layer cushioning enhances comfort
  • No trimming necessary, fits neatly in most shoe styles
  • Excellent arch support and stability with a semi-rigid arch support and heel cradle
  • Might not offer as much cushioning as some users may require

VKTRY Insoles

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01/22/2024 03:40 am GMT

When it comes to insoles that are built specifically for the sport of soccer, you’d be hard-pressed to find a product like the VKTRY Insoles for soccer. They are designed with a narrow, trim-to-fit shape ideal for soccer cleats and leverage advanced carbon fiber technology to enhance the performance of athletes.

  • Utilizes advanced carbon fiber technology, delivering exceptional energy return
  • Offers stability and shock absorption
  • Aids in reducing the risk of common soccer injuries
  • The top layer made of soft EVA foam provides foot cushioning
  • Notable improvements in explosiveness, speed, and leg resilience reported by users
  • Positive reviews regarding comfort and fit 
  • Requires a few days of break-in period
  • May be less cushioned than other insoles
  • Expensive

And there we have it – a comprehensive overview of some of the finest insoles available for your child’s soccer cleats. From specially designed insoles that cater to high arches – like the Superfeet Green Professional Grade High Arch Orthotic Shoe Inserts – to insoles specifically crafted to enhance traction and control during athletic performance – like the CURREX® CLEATPRO™ Insoles, there’s an insole to match every foot shape, playing style, and specific need.

We hope this guide helps you in successfully navigating through the world of soccer insoles, helping you to make the most informed decision for your budding soccer star, enhancing their comfort and amplifying their performance.

Considerations When Buying an Insole

Choosing an insole isn’t just about grabbing the first one off the shelf. There are multiple factors to consider for an ideal fit:

  • Foot Types: Everyone’s feet are different. Some of us have high-arched feet, some have flat feet; others may have neutral or normal arches. Identifying your child’s foot type can help select the best insole – one that provides an optimal balance between comfort and support.
  • Playing Frequency: How often your child plays soccer can also play a significant role in your choice. A child participating in rigorous training sessions and matches might need more durable, high-performance insoles compared to a child who plays occasionally.
  • Surfaces They Play On: Those playing mostly on harder surfaces might need insoles with superior shock absorption to protect against high-impact landings. On softer surfaces, a firmer and more structural insole might be appropriate.
  • Personal Comfort and Fit: Some players may prefer a more cushioned feel, while others opt for more foot control. Trying out a few options can guide you to a choice that fits your child best.

Insoles Care and Maintenance Tips

Good care extends the lifespan of soccer insoles. Here are some tips:

  • Keep Them Dry: Wet insoles can become a breeding ground for bacteria, causing odor. Dry them in a well-ventilated area away from direct heat.
  • Clean Regularly: Clean insoles by hand every couple of weeks using mild soap and a soft brush.
  • Rotate If Possible: If your budget permits, consider purchasing two sets of insoles and rotating between them. This can prolong their use.

Price Vs. Quality Analysis

While it may be tempting to stick to budget options, it’s essential to remember: you often get what you pay for. Higher-priced insoles typically offer more comfort features, better materials, and more durability. Don’t compromise on your child’s foot comfort and safety for the sake of saving a few dollars now.

Common Mistakes When Choosing Insoles

Avoid these common pitfalls when choosing the right insoles:

  • Wrong Size: The insole must properly fit within the shoe. Too big and it might bunch up; too small and it will not provide adequate support.
  • Ignoring Foot Type: Using an insole not tailored for your foot type can cause more discomfort and even lead to foot

Key Takeaways: best insoles for soccer cleats

In this article, we’ve explored the world of soccer insoles in depth. We’ve reviewed a range of insoles that are available on the market, each offering unique features that cater to different foot constitutions, playing styles, and individual preferences. By understanding these features, you can decide to support your child’s blossoming soccer career. Here, we summarise the key points from our detailed investigation.

  • Choosing the right insole depends on various factors, including foot type, playing frequency, type of surfaces they play on, and individual comfort preferences.
  • Proper maintenance and care of insoles, including regular cleaning and drying, can extend their use.
  • Comparing the price to the quality is crucial – investing in a higher-priced pair of insoles can provide better comfort, improved materials, and longer durability.
  • Avoid common mistakes when choosing insoles, like picking the wrong size or ignoring the specific needs based on foot type.  
  • Reviews on insoles, such as Superfeet, Softsole, Dr. Scholl’s, and more, included in this article, can help you understand the unique benefits each one provides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace soccer insoles?

Usually, insoles should be replaced every six months or every 500 miles, depending on the frequency and intensity of usage. However, this can vary. If your child experiences discomfort, foot pain, or if the insoles show considerable wear and tear, it might be time for a replacement.

Do soccer insoles help with more precise control over the ball?

While insoles are primarily designed to provide comfort, support and avoid injuries, some insoles, such as the CURREX® CLEATPRO™ insoles, have been crafted to enhance control, improve traction, and facilitate precise movements, which can indirectly aid in better ball control.

Can I put soccer insoles into regular shoes?

Yes, these insoles can be put into regular shoes. However, soccer shoes typically have a narrow toe box while running shoes can have a wider toe box. If you are looking to swap these into other cleats, say football cleats, then you should be ok. Unfortunately, every shoe and cleat is a slightly different shape. Your best option is to get and cut each insert to fit each shoe for a good fit.

Can soccer insoles help avoid injuries?

Yes, soccer insoles can help in avoiding injuries. They provide cushioning and firm support, protecting feet from hard shocks and preventing foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, arch pain, and Achilles tendinitis.

Do soccer insoles need special care?

While soccer insoles don’t need special care, regular cleaning will keep them fresh and prolong their life. Avoid direct heat and let them dry in a well-ventilated area after usage. Clean them with mild soap and a soft brush every few weeks.