Best Backyard Soccer Goals For You (2024)

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Hello, Soccer Enthusiasts!

Looking to kick your backyard soccer setup up a notch? A sturdy, fixed soccer goal can be the ultimate game-changer for your budding soccer stars, providing them with a reliable place to practice day in and day out.

Opting for a fixed goal is about choosing longevity and sturdiness. These goals are designed to withstand the elements and the energy of enthusiastic players, providing a consistent practice environment.

We’re here to steer you through the process of selecting a soccer goal that’s a perfect match for your family’s needs. From sizing to material choices, we’ve got you covered with all the key factors to consider.

Let’s roll out the green carpet and find the soccer goal that’ll transform your backyard into a field of dreams. Stick with me as we explore the essential features that make for a robust backyard soccer goal.

A Quick Note on Portable Soccer Goals

Before we dive into the world of fixed soccer goals for your backyard, it’s worth mentioning the ultra-convenient option of pop-up soccer goals for busy families and players who are always on the move.

  • Instant Setup: With a portable goal, you can quickly turn any space into a soccer field, no tools required.
  • Portability Perfected: They’re incredibly lightweight due to fiberglass poles, and typically come with their own carrying bag, making transportation and storage a breeze.
  • Adaptable Play: Whether it’s a casual kickabout at a family BBQ or a training session in the park, pop-up goals are versatile enough for all skill levels.
  • Youth-Friendly: They are especially great for kids, offering a variety of sizes targeted for their games and practices.

While we’re focusing on more stationary soccer goals in this article, pop-up goals are an excellent alternative for those seeking flexibility. If you’re interested in portable and pop-up soccer goals, check out our detailed guide found here: Portable Soccer Goals- The Best Pop-up Practice Nets

Choosing the Right Goal

For the love of the game and the growth of your young soccer player, selecting the right-sized soccer goal is crucial. Here’s how you can ensure you’re getting the perfect fit:

  • Age Matters: Youth players don’t need a full-size goal. Smaller goals are better for younger players to practice their skills. Typically, a 6’x4′ or 8’x6′ goal works well for kids under the age of 8. 
  • Space Considerations: The goal should be proportional to your yard. A large goal in a small space won’t be much fun, and it could even be a safety hazard. Measure your space before you buy.
  • Match the Intensity: If you’ve got competitive players or teens, consider a larger goal, like a 12’x6′ or even a full-size 24’x8′, to mimic the real-game experience.
  • Skill Development: A goal that matches your child’s developmental stage will challenge them just enough to improve their skills without discouraging them with an overly difficult target.

Choosing the perfect size goal isn’t just about filling a space in your yard; it’s about fitting a key piece in your player’s soccer journey. Make sure it’s a goal they can grow into, not out of!

Materials Matter

When it comes to choosing the best soccer goals for your backyard, the material is everything. It’s the backbone of durability, stability, and overall longevity. Here’s the lowdown on what to look for:

  • Metal Goals: Aluminum and steel are the go-to materials for fixed soccer goals. Aluminum is lightweight yet sturdy, and it won’t rust, making it ideal for all weather conditions. Steel, on the other hand, is heavier and incredibly strong, but make sure it’s galvanized or powder-coated to prevent rust.
  • Frame Thickness: Don’t overlook the frame’s thickness. Thicker goal posts can handle more powerful shots and resist bending or warping over time.
  • Weld Quality: A goal is only as strong as its weakest weld. High-quality welds ensure the frame stays intact even after repetitive impact from soccer balls.
  • Anchor System: A solid anchor system is essential for stability, especially if your yard sees a lot of windy days. Ground anchors or concrete footings can keep your goal grounded.
  • Crossbar Integrity: The crossbar takes a lot of hits. It should be robust and securely attached to the uprights to withstand the force from shots on goal.
  • Net Attachments: Look for a goal with a secure net attachment system. The net should stay taut and in place, even after many sessions of enthusiastic play.

Remember, the goal you choose will face everything from summer heatwaves to winter frosts, not to mention the barrage of balls from practice sessions. Investing in quality materials means less worry about wear and tear and more focus on the joy of the game.

In-Ground vs. Free-Standing Goals

Choosing between an in-ground and free-standing soccer goal is like picking between cleats and sneakers – each has its place, depending on the ground you’re playing on. Let’s break down the differences:

  • In-Ground Goals: If you’re looking for a goal that’s not going anywhere, in-ground is the way to go. They’re installed by setting the posts in concrete, which means they’re as permanent as your love for the game. They’re incredibly stable, making them ideal for older or more advanced players who need to practice powerful shots without worrying about the goal tipping over. These will also be larger goals that are more in line with regulation soccer goals.
  • Free-Standing Goals: These goals aren’t anchored into the ground but are designed to stay upright and stable under normal playing conditions. They’re a good middle ground if you want something that feels permanent but need the flexibility to move it occasionally, perhaps for lawn maintenance or different backyard activities. This is the best option for younger soccer players who need a smaller goal size to practice on. 
  • Weight and Mobility: Consider the weight of the goal if you’re leaning towards a free-standing option. Some are designed to be relatively movable, while others are heavy and might require a few people to relocate.
  • Safety Concerns: No matter which type you choose, safety is paramount. Ensure any free-standing goal is properly anchored with sandbags or ground stakes to prevent accidents.
  • Local Regulations: Check with your local zoning laws or homeowners’ association. There may be rules about installing permanent structures in your yard.

In-ground or free-standing, the choice hinges on your playing needs and your yard’s versatility. Either way, you’re building a home field that’s ready for action.

Net Durability

The net is the unsung hero of any soccer goal. It’s the catcher of dreams and the final destination of every well-placed shot. Here’s what you need to know to ensure your net is up for the challenge:

  • Material Strength: Look for nets made from high-density polyethylene or polyester, as these materials offer a good balance of durability and weather resistance. The thickness of the net, indicated by its ‘denier’ rating, will tell you how tough it is.
  • Mesh Size: The size of the squares in the netting can vary. Smaller mesh sizes are less likely to let balls through and can withstand more force, but they may also be heavier and more expensive.
  • UV Protection: Since your soccer goal net will be exposed to sunlight, it should have UV protection to prevent it from becoming brittle and breaking down over time.
  • Attachment System: The best nets have a reliable attachment system that keeps the net securely fastened to the frame, even after the strongest shots. This often includes hooks, clips, or a channel system.
  • Border Reinforcement: Look for nets with reinforced borders or edges. This extra material at the high-stress points of the net will prolong its life.

A durable net means less time fixing holes and more time playing. It’s the backdrop to every goal scored and every cheer shouted, so invest in quality that will last as long as your love for the game.

Our Top Picks for The Best Backyard Soccer Goals

Now, I’m not going to tell you that these are all the perfect soccer goal for you. You have to make that call based on your players age, skill level and more importantly the space available. So here they are. My top picks for the best backyard soccer goals, each a titan in its own right and ready to be the cornerstone of your home field.

Best Free-Standing Goal: FORZA Match Soccer Goal Posts

  • Junior Matchday Ready: The FORZA Match 12×6 goal is the regulation size for mini-soccer, making it an ideal choice for players under 11. It’s perfect for simulating a professional match environment right in your backyard.
  • Quality Construction: Built with durability in mind, this goal features a sturdy PVC frame with a FORZA essential locking system that ensures the structure stays firm during play.
  • Weatherproof Netting: The goal comes with a 2mm UV stabilized net that can withstand the elements and the energy of competitive play.
Best Backyard Soccer Goal
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01/26/2024 07:25 pm GMT

Best Hybrid Soccer Trainer/Goal: The Goalrilla Striker Trainer

  • Best of Both Worlds: Though not a traditional goal, this hybrid model serves as both a goal and a trainer. It’s a fixed frame with a soccer rebounder net to practice shots and passes.
  •   Sturdy Steel Make: Its steel frame is powder-coated for durability, and its design allows for quick transitions between goal and trainer.
  •   Net Nuances: The double-sided, ultra-responsive netting provides immediate feedback for precision training.
Best Hybrid Goal
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01/26/2024 07:30 pm GMT

Best Multi Goal: Forza Alu60 Soccer Goal

  • Aluminum Advantage: The Alu60 series provides the sturdiness of Forza’s steel with the added benefit of aluminum’s lightweight properties, making it a great fixed but less cumbersome option with easy setup.
  • Locking System: Featuring the same essential locking system as the Forza soccer goal post, the Alu60 ensures that the frame pieces slot together perfectly for a firm and secure build.
  • All-Weather Net: The net is designed to withstand all weather conditions, reinforced with a UV treatment to prevent sun damage and deterioration.
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01/26/2024 07:45 pm GMT

FORZA Steel42 Soccer Goal Post

  • Robust Forza Steel: Constructed with Forza’s durable steel frame, this goal is built to endure the rigors of intense Futsal action.
  • Essential Locking System: Stability is key, and the essential locking system of this goal means it’s not only secure but also easy to assemble.
  • Weather-Resistant Net: The goal comes with a 2mm UV stabilized net that can withstand both the impact of the ball and the extremes of weather.
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01/26/2024 07:50 pm GMT

Open Goaaal USA – OG Goals

  • Innovative Design: The Open Goaaal is more than just a soccer goal; it’s a training system that combines a goal with a rebounder and a backstop all in one setup.
  • Space-Saving Solution: This unique design allows for missed shots to be caught by the backstop and returned via the rebounder, making it perfect for tight spaces and reducing the time spent chasing the ball.
  • Adjustable Sizes: Available in various sizes, the Open Goaaal accommodates different age groups and skill levels, ensuring there’s an option that fits your backyard perfectly.
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01/26/2024 07:55 pm GMT

PowerNet Soccer Goal

  • Special Acknowledgment: Though typically known as a portable soccer goal, the PowerNet Soccer Goal deserves a nod for its larger size and sturdiness that make it a viable semi-permanent fixture for any backyard.
  • Easy Assembly: It offers the convenience of quick setup and takedown, which is handy for multi-use yards.
  • Durable Build: With its robust framed netting and ability to withstand powerful shots, this goal can stand up to rigorous play sessions, much like a fixed goal would.
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01/26/2024 09:20 am GMT

Choosing one of these top picks means investing in quality, durability, and the joy of the game. Whether you’re planting an in-ground fortress, setting up a versatile power player, or adding a hybrid trainer to your lineup, you’re ensuring endless soccer excitement.

Goal Accessories

A soccer goal can be more than just posts and a net; it can be a complete training and play system with the right accessories. Here’s a look at some enhancements that can take your soccer experience to the next level:

Wheel Kits: For those hefty free-standing goals, a wheel kit can be a game-changer. It allows you to move the goal for yard maintenance or to change the play area with ease.

Target Sheets: These are perfect for honing accuracy and shot placement. They attach to the goal and feature holes or zones to encourage precision in striking the ball.

Goal Anchors: Safety is paramount, so if your free-standing goal didn’t come with an anchoring system, investing in one is crucial. This could be ground anchors for soft surfaces or weights for hard surfaces.

Rebounders: Attach a rebounder net to your goal to double its functionality. It’s a fantastic way to practice passing and volleying without needing a partner.

Protective Post Padding: Especially for younger players, padding the posts can help prevent injuries and provide peace of mind during play.

Ball Stop Nets: If you have the space, setting up a ball stop net around your goal can save time on ball retrieval and protect your garden from stray shots.

Replacement Nets: Having a spare net on hand is always a good idea. Over time, even the most durable nets will wear down, and a quick replacement can keep the game going.

Each of these accessories serves a purpose, whether it’s improving player skills, making life easier, or adding an extra layer of safety to your soccer setup. Consider which ones might benefit your family’s soccer experience and make your backyard the envy of every soccer-loving neighbor.

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